A Female DJ Sisterhood and Community to empower and support women on their DJ Journey.

About Behind the Turntables

The Behind the Turntables Community is a private non judgmental community and sisterhood that brings together new and experienced Female DJ's looking for guidance, support, and tools while on their DJ Journey. 

We help empower Female DJ's to build and enhance their deejay skills, elevate their DJ business, and help them to build the confidence to create their own profitable opportunities.

 In order to help build and strengthen their DJ skills, business, creativity, and confidence, we provide open access to Courses, Challenges, Q&A Sessions, Jam Sessions, as well as Healthy Conversations, Resources, Networking, Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Events, MUSIC, and so much more.   

We are building a Sisterhood of Confident and Powerful DJ's.


Why should you join Behind The Turntables?

You should join us if you are Female DJ wanting to learn different skills and elevate your DJ Business, while building relationships and a sisterhood with other like minded women on a similar journey and path. Do you have questions about your DJ Business and have struggled with finding someone to guide and help you on your journey? You have found the community to support and show you how to work through your DJ struggles and challenges. You are not alone and we are here for you! Let's Elevate!!